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The bakery project beginnings – part 2

Jul 1, 2020 | bread

Celebration Cakes – Cranleigh

Following on from the first post about the roots of my bakery project this is the prequel!

I’ve said before that I come from a long line of bakers. I can trace my bakery roots back to 1805 and a master baker by the name of Thomas Cornwell born in Pembury in Kent.

Knowing that my ancestors were bakers meant that, of course, I searched for bakers currently called Cornwell. There was one in the Guild of Bakers. Exciting.

I was in luck. I found “Cornwell’s Celebration Cakes” in Cranleigh in Surrey. And just as obviously that I had to search for them – I had to get in contact.

Thus it was that on the 6th of June 2009 I headed down to Cranleigh to take some photos of a baker’s hands at work for a project I was doing on hands.

Thomas Cornwell and his son Simon Cornwell chatted to me for some time before I went on my way. The current guild member was a in their family. Tantilised by the name “Thomas” I was convinced there was a connection with our family histories. The genealogical research I did took a fair while. Sadly I couldn’t make the connection. They seem to hail from Suffolk at a similar time to my family coming from Kent.

 As with the post from the Nation Of Shopkeepers I’ve re-processed these images to more of my current style.

 a baker's hands at worka shelf full of fresh breadthree Cornwells - two of them bakers